So what services does a doula provide for you during your birth experience?

  • Gets to know you personally before you ever get to the hospital.

  • Provides freedom to choose natural or medicated birth without judgement.

  • Helps with pre-birth planning and coordination to relieve stress and fear.

  • Assists through the decision making process.

  • Providing non-biased information so you can make your own, educated decisions.

  • Provides an objective viewpoint.

  • Helps design an environment that allows you to relax and focus on your birth and baby.

  • Provides continuous support during labor and delivery.

  • Can compliment and enhance father/partners experience.

  • Provides emotional support.

  • Provides physical comfort measures.

  • Helps to facilitate communication between the laboring woman, her partner and her clinical care providers.

  • Nurtures and protects the woman’s memory of her birth experience.

  • Writes your birth story and can take photos for memory book (if desired).

So in a nut-shell, I, as your doula, will provide you with start to finish support during your pregnancy. I do not provide clinical care, but rather am able to pay undivided attention to you and your family because I do not have responsibility for your medical care. Unlike other medical professionals, I will be your constant during your labor and delivery, providing you with care however you desire.

I would love to assist you in obtaining a joyful birth experience.


A Doula for Dad

While you may not have a baby in your belly, this is an exciting time for you as well! You have the potential to be an outstanding birth coach, and already have an amazing ability to perform under pressure. I can provide you a little extra information so that you know how best to help your wife/partner. Dads and Doulas make a great team because doulas have the knowledge and dads have the willingness! You have an opportunity to be as involved as you want with the labor and delivery process- and whatever you are a little nervous about (that is why you are hiring me!).

Supporting your path to birthing!

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